Athens: “Emfasis is doing what the state is failing to do”

Roofless Dreams

A documentary - a reminder of the bad texts of Greek society. After all, most documentaries are sobering. It is as if he pierces an entire production under the carpet of Greek society and makes pictures and words whatever he wants to hide.

At the 25th Thessaloniki Internation Documentary Film Festival, the journalist and war correspondent takes us to what he knows well. In the “war zone” of Greek reality. Where you won't find ammo and explosions. There, people — Greek citizens — are fighting and fighting every day for their survival.

The documentary brings to the screen stories of people experiencing homelessness through the light of the activity and operation of the NGO Emfasis, which supports them in every way. “If anything I was looking for in the war zones of the planet is human stories that can change the way we see the world and act as active citizens,” said journalist and producer Sotiris Danezis, answering questions from the audience. And that's what he's done now. “The war zone is much closer to us and should concern us much more because of proximity,” he adds.

The AMKE Emfasis

With ten years of activity, AMKE Emfasis makes visible what we do not see in our field of vision. Not because we don't see them. Maybe it's because we've been trained so that these people—the homeless—are invisible. Not to exist. As stated in the brochure they distributed at the screening of the film, Emfasis approaches fellow people in need with dignity, discretion and respect, in line with Streetwork's innovative methodology.

The organization's mission is to relieve, support and empower individuals and families experiencing multiple forms of homelessness and precarious housing (including those affected by natural disasters) without discrimination. With 334 direct beneficiaries and zero state funding, Emfasis is doing what the state fails to do. To understand the daily life of the homeless and to offer support with the ultimate aim of improving their living conditions.

Source: A8inea