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Corporate Social Responsibility

What Does Corporate Social Responsibility Mean to Us?

At Emfasis Non-Profit, we believe in the positive social impact of Corporate Social Responsibility. We eagerly seek partnerships built on mutual trust and respect. We invest in long-term partnerships to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. We understand that each company has its unique identity and strategy, so we are open to discussions on how we can enhance our work together.

Here's how you can support us:

Organize an Awareness Event with Your Company's Human Resources

  • Experience an interactive session based on the real-life experiences of our street workers.
  • Your employees will have the opportunity to discuss current  homelessness issues actively.
  • This action aims to inform and raise awareness among your human resources about homelessness while fostering teamwork and cooperation.
  • The company covers a solidarity fee, which is transformed into material support for the homeless population.

Our experience shows that awareness events empower and motivate participants, often leading to voluntary assistance or involvement in new CSR initiatives.

Support Through Strategically Designed Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

At Emfasis Non-Profit, we offer opportunities to support our initiatives through carefully designed Corporate Social Responsibility Programs tailored to your company's interests. These programs aim to ensure the sustainability of our services and engage your employees through innovative volunteer programs. Support can be provided through monetary donations or by creating a cause-related crowdfunding or awareness campaign.C. In-kind Donations (We can provide information on current needs)

"Donation Box" Hosting

Support our work by hosting donation boxes in your stores or offices. This mechanism ensures immediate and stable revenue for our sustainability, allowing the public to contribute any amount they wish directly and easily. It also provides an inexpensive yet substantial opportunity for your company to promote its social responsibility.

Organize an Event in Support of Emfasis Non-Profit (e.g., Bazaar, Gala, New Year’s Eve Ceremony, etc.)