Give Dignity!

A donation of 40€ covers the cost of one night in temporary accommodation for a homeless individual with chronic health problems, ensuring they have a safe and dignified place to stay.

Cover a Shift of Emergency Measures!

With a donation of 100€, you can support the necessary supplies for a shift of emergency measures, helping us respond effectively to urgent situations.

Donate a Food Stamp

With a donation of 10€, you can provide supermarket vouchers to the people we support, enabling them to purchase essential survival items with dignity, autonomy, and respect.

Offer Warmth!

For a donation of 30€, you can provide a winter sleeping bag and a survival kit to a homeless and needy individual, offering them warmth and essential supplies.

Why Support Us?

Emfasis Non-Profit relies solely on the financial support of individuals who believe in its vision. We do not receive any funding from state or public bodies.

Every donation to Emfasis is characterized by TRANSPARENCY - IMMEDIACY - EFFECTIVENESS.
Every donation is directed straight toward addressing the most pressing needs of the people we support, including food, survival items, personal hygiene products, and temporary accommodation.

For each donation, you will receive a digital Official Proof of Donation through the state TAXIS platform  and a report detailing the impact of your contribution.

How Can You Support Us?

You too can join our effort to assist those in need by making one-time donations or setting up regular contributions.

Donate now via PayPal here!

Alternatively, you can donate via bank transfer using the following details:

  • GR7501720290005029069192340 (Piraeus Bank)
  • GR1301401160116002002031068 (Alpha Bank)
  • GR9302606300000040201478497 (Eurobank)

To provide proof of your donation, please include your name and email in the "Reason" field during the transaction.

Note: Instead of "@" symbol, please write "at".