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What is "Homelessness" and who does it concern?

Homelessness is a pressing issue within the European Union's Strategy for Social Protection and Inclusion. To effectively address homelessness, we must comprehend the underlying causes and the broader spectrum it encompasses.
FEANTSA (European Federation of Organisations Working with the Homeless) has developed a homelessness and housing exclusion typology known as ETHOS.
ETHOS categorizes homelessness based on three essential dimensions of "home":

  1. The physical dimension, which entails having a suitable dwelling or space owned solely by the individual and their family.
  2. The social dimension, which involves personal space and the ability to enjoy social relationships.
  3. The legal dimension, which relates to having legal ownership rights to a space.

This classification results in four primary differentiations: Street homelessness, Lack of housing, Precarious housing, and Inadequate housing, all indicating varying degrees of homelessness.

Consequently, the ETHOS typology classifies homeless individuals based on their living and housing conditions, further subdivided into 13 categories. This enables effective recording, mapping, monitoring, and evaluation of the homelessness phenomenon.

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Who are we, and what is our mission?

Emfasis Non-Profit is a privately operated non-profit initiative, officially registered as a Civil Non-Profit Company (AMKE). Our mission is centered around restoring the dignity of individuals in need. Since 2013, we have been dedicated to supporting, relieving, and empowering people facing various forms of homelessness through our innovative Social Streetwork methodology.To gain a deeper understanding of Emfasis Non-Profit's initiatives, you can find more information here

How can I contribute?

a. I am an individual. How can I support your mission?

You can contribute to our efforts to assist those in need through individual donations or regular contributions.

Donations can be made through PayPal here.
Alternatively, you can make a bank deposit to IBAN:

  • GR7501720290005029069192340 (Piraeus Bank)
  • GR1301401160116002002031068 (Alpha Bank)
  • GR9302606300000040201478497 (Eurobank)

To ensure proper documentation of your donation, please enter your name and email in the "Reason" field during the transaction.

For more information and alternative methods of support, please refer to our detailed guide here.

b. I represent a company. How can we collaborate?

At Emfasis Non-Profit, we offer opportunities for corporate partnerships through Strategically Designed Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, tailored to each partner's specific areas of interest.

We encourage you to get in touch with us via email at emfasis.fundraising@gmail.com or by phone at (+30) 2160005417.

Do you exclusively support homeless individuals?

Emfasis Non-Profit extends its support to a wide range of individuals within the spectrum of socio-economic vulnerability. While our primary focus is on individuals experiencing various forms of homelessness, our humanitarian efforts expand as expertise and resources allow.

Since 2018, we have also been involved in providing relief to victims of natural disasters in different regions of Greece.

Additionally, since March 2023, through our 1st National Benefit & Scope Program EmfaSEAs, we have been traveling across Greece, sharing the Streetwork methodology with professionals and volunteers while promoting the values of volunteerism.

Aside from supporting those living in visible or invisible homelessness, Emfasis Non-Profit dedicates a significant portion of its actions to prevention. This involves assisting families at risk of imminent homelessness, often living below the poverty line, in their pursuit of securing a decent life for themselves and their children.

What happens after each donation?

Upon making a donation, you will receive an Official Proof of Donation along with a report detailing the impact of your contribution. Rest assured that every donation is directly channeled to address the most pressing needs of the individuals we support.
You can find further information regarding this process here.

Where can I watch the documentary "Roofless Dreams" depicting the challenges faced by the people you assist?

If you are interested in viewing or screening the documentary "Roofless Dreams", do not hesitate to contact us.

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