Emfasis Foundation receives grant from THI Australia to help the homeless during COVID-19

The Hellenic Initiative Australia has announced an AU $10,000 grant to Emfasis Foundation to support extra relief and safety measures being implemented to assist the homeless in Athens as a result of COVID-19.

The grant will allow the Emfasis Mobile Support Unit to continue to provide specific support to homeless and vulnerable communities affected by COVID 19 restrictions, including access to safe accommodation and transport.

“Emfasis has been doing a remarkable job during this time, continuing to help people who don’t have the option of ‘staying home,’ including many elderly people and families,” says The Hellenic Initiative Australia President, Nicholas G Pappas AM.

“This has been a very challenging time for NGOs in Greece who are trying to keep their staff and volunteers safe while continuing to provide vulnerable people with basic food and supplies and access to health care and temporary accommodation,” he added.

During Greece’s lockdown measures, the Emfasis Mobile Support Unit distributed relief packages including packaged food, disinfectant, personal hygiene items, sleeping bags and clothing, in coordinated safe drop off points in key areas in Athens and Piraeus.
Emfasis has also assisted people with relocation to temporary housing and provided support from psychologists and social workers through a 24/7 hotline.

The Hellenic Initiative Australia has supported the Emfasis Mobile Support Unit since 2018.
During the past 12 months, the MSU has assisted more than 2000 people in Athens and Piraeus.

Source: Greek City Times

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