Other ways of contributing

Buy a super market voucher and give them the chance to live with dignity
Buy a solidarity Emfasis basket from 10€, with the necessary survival items for a homeless fellow citizen

With 25€ you can buy a sleeping bag for a homeless fellow citizen

Sponsor the mobile support unit to cover the transportation and the survival kits that are going to be offered by the units throughout a year

Donation box placement:

Practically support the work of our Organization by placing a Donation Box in your workplace, encouraging your colleagues to support Emfasis, by donating to a relief program of your choice after consultation.

Emfasis’ team of corporate programs specialists will guide you through the process.

Via bank transfer:

Transfer to the following bank account:

Piraeus Bank
31 Panepistimiou Street, Athens

Account Name: EMFASIS Civil Non-Profit
Account Number: 5029-069192-340
IBAN: GR75 0172 0290 0050 2906 9192 340
Swift Address: PIRBGRAA

(After your transfer, let us know as soon as possible on the phone:
+30 210 32 20 831 so we can send you your receipt)

Covid-19 Support

Emfasis does not receive any funding from governmental or public entities, nor is integrated in any financial or investment package that burdens the Greek or European taxpayer and the only way to implement its mission is to have the real support of those who believe in its vision.2018 revenue and expenses analysis can be found below.

Solidarity Gift Card:

Offer the most special gift of solidarity. Purchase an Emfasis Solidarity Gift Card for your loved ones’ birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries. Call us to discuss the most suitable option for you, such as our custom tailored programs that we can adjust to your preference.

Empower a Volunteer

Covering all transportation fees of a volunteer streetworker, during the annual relief efforts.

*Why should I choose to empower a volunteer: Within our environmental protection ethos, we encourage our volunteers to use mainly all means of public transport for our activities, even when operating under inaccessible areas and adverse conditions. So far, all expenses are covered by the volunteers while offering daily their precious time.  With this donation, you facilitate his work and you contribute to reducing environmental pollution.


Encourage a Volunteer

Complete coverage of transportation fees and mobile phone communications with the organization and the various emergency services, during the annual relief efforts. Such donation provides 2 necessary tools for the direct relief of the homeless/people in need under unforeseen and adverse conditions.

Why I should choose to encourage a volunteer: During our fieldwork, our volunteers are often required to get in touch with our offices as well as various hospitals, emergency services etc. so that they can provide or refer the cases of the homeless people who need urgent attention. Until today these expenses are covered by the volunteers. With this donation, you help them to ensure that they have the necessary tools to do their work in the most effective way.

Support a Volunteer

Covering transportation, communications and the participation of the streetworker in monthly field safety & streetwork training.

*Why I should choose to support a volunteer: Our volunteers are required to resolve a number of cases/incidents which demand a high level of responsibility and tireless effort under street conditions that are understandably unpredictable. In order to ensure their personal safety, they need to acquire a skill set required for combining streetwork toolkit and first response/aid qualifications.

Adopt a Volunteer

When you adopt a volunteer, you present the volunteer with a holistic offering which takes care of transportation, communication fees, and a complete training cycle for vocational and soft skills, enabling him to acquire the necessary tools to excel in both his volunteering as well as his professional capacities.

*Why I should choose to adopt a volunteer: The Emfasis Volunteers display an extraordinary amount of dedication and commitment on a daily basis. We believe that their self-offering constitutes one of the greatest examples of civil society’s active participation and sets a role model for the rest of the community. When you adopt a volunteer, you identify with the same values and you promote such inspiring cases.

ADAP Funded an Emfasis Foundation program or action

Costs: determined after evaluation, according to the needs of each program and the available resources.

Provided by EMFASIS: official donation receipt & project progress report with measurable results and statistics.

Upon completion you will receive a full report of the program as well as an official Program or Action certificate (CERTIFICATION OF DONOR).

*Why fund Emfasis Foundation action: Emfasis receives no funding from governmental or public organizations. Emfasis’ working nature makes it skilled in designing and implementing effective and targeted programs. The way Emfasis operates is absolutely transparent, ensuring an environment of honest and effective collaboration with our donors.