“We Do Not Pass – We Support” Program

A new partnership, through the implementation of the program “We Do Not Pass, We Support”, aims to support vulnerable community members in conditions of severe weather phenomena. This program has been launched by Globe Insurance and the Emfasis Foundation, an Urban Non-Profit Company.

The frequency of intense weather phenomena such as extreme temperatures and heavy rainfall or snowfall has increased and created particularly precarious conditions for those without reliable housing. The “We Do Not Pass – We Support” program was created as a targeted intervention to address the fundamental needs of individuals and families living below the poverty line, in a state of street-living or impending homelessness. It is an annual program, which will be implemented in Athens and Piraeus, providing immediate and timely relief to specific groups by providing basic survival items, as well as free insurance and equipment for vehicles – Emfasis Foundation mobile support units.

“It is our duty to remain aware of the important issues of our society and our city. We believe that the cooperation with the Emfasis Foundation will offer substantial help covering the key needs of our vulnerable fellow human beings “, says Mr. Pavlos Kaskarelis, Vice President and CEO of Globe Insurance.

“We are grateful for our cooperation with Globe Insurance, through which we will now be able to provide on a regular basis catalytic assistance to fellow community members living on the street, in adverse weather conditions both in winter and in the summer months. The specially trained teams of the two mobile support units will cover more than 40 areas of the Basin and will have a direct and substantial impact on the lives of socially vulnerable groups with survival needs “, said Ms. Maria Karra, co-founder of the Emfasis Foundation.

** In the photo, Messrs. Pavlos Kaskarelis, Vice President & CEO, Loukas Korombilis, General Manager and Mary Vogiatzis, Communications Manager, Globe Insurance with Ms. Maria Karra, Co-Founder of Emfasis Foundation

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