Vodafone World of Difference and Emfasis

EMFASIS, for the 2nd consecutive year, was selected by the Vodafone World of Difference program to support the efforts of our volunteers. The World of Difference program is a great initiative of Vodafone, which has been taking place in Greece since 2011. Specifically, it offers the opportunity to 10 successful, to work in the non-profit organization of their choice for 6 months.

After the promotion of Archontos Antonatou in 2015, this year Solonas Malkas was selected as one of the winners of the program, and thanks to this, he was able to strengthen the work of EMFASIS and support our efforts, as Head of Mobile Support Units in Athens & Piraeus (Mobile Support Unit).

Solonas offers volunteer work at EMFASIS as a Street worker and photographer, since 2013, while in the last year he has taken the position of Head of the Mobile Support Unit. Its aim is to train the managers and volunteers of the mobile units, in order to properly and efficiently coordinate them for the immediate and effective assistance of the beneficiaries. Already, from the first three months, the teams of Mobile Support Units, under the guidance of Solonas, have managed to increase the effectiveness of their shifts and expand the number of beneficiaries.

At the same time, he is the official photographer of the organization, covering the shifts of Mobile Support Units, Streetwork teams, Social Support Corner activities as well as other EMFASIS programs. Through this position, he manages to promote Emfasis’s work to the rest of the world, while highlighting the major problem of homelessness through an artistic perspective, a practice first adopted by EMFASIS.

For more information about the program, you can refer to this link and the video of the final winners of Vodafone World of Difference 2016 can be found here .

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