The Work of the Two Mobile Support Units

The 2 Mobile Support Units (MSUs) that are active in and out of the areas of Athens and Piraeus are one of the main axes of EMFASIS’ beneficiary programs. Employing Streetwork principles, the two vans address on a daily basis the needs of more vulnerable and marginalized social groups, with the geographical coverage of our activities constantly expanding. During severe weather conditions, such as low temperature, snowfalls or storms, our volunteers and Streetworkers go on late night shifts until the early morning hours, in order to relieve those who live on the streets.

The MSUs also intensify their efforts during the holiday seasons of Christmas and Easter, so that no one feels alone or stranded, regardless of their sex, age, nationality or religion. The teamwork between the Streetwork team and the MBUs allows the street workers to observe and reach points, non-approachable for the van, while the latter can transfer equipment and material, otherwise unable to be carried by the street workers themselves.

The Mobile Support Units focus on poor, homeless, refugees, needy families and those who live on street situation, by offering them:

– Immediate response on their basic needs (food, clothes, survival kits)

– Psychological support and guidance in order to get empowered, to support themselves and better their living conditions (motivation to search for a job and then housing)

– Reference to services that can serve their specific needs (social services, legal services, medical care, rehabilitation centers, and guesthouses).

According to the data collected by the responsible volunteers of the units after each shift ends, it has been calculated that during the first semester of 2016, about 10.600 food portions were shared out, while 900 clothing items were given to our beneficiaries. With systematic and well organized plans, teamwork and eagerness, EMFASIS volunteers have managed during 2016 to help in total 3,000 homeless fellow men and about 2,500 refugees.

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