The Quality Island 2019 Competition Award

In the official ceremony that took place on Tuesday, November 26th in the building of the Old Parliament in Athens, the Emfasis Foundation was given the “Islands of Quality” 2019 Award by the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

We offer our congratulations to our colleagues from the other organizations that were awarded for their important work. It was our honor to be among them.

We would like to especially thank the “Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society” and Melina Taprantzi from Wise Greece who presented our team.

In addition, we offer our gratitude to our volunteers who offer their time and support daily on the streets of the capital and allow Emfasis to carry out its important work.

As Maria Karra, co-founder of Emfasis, said: “Today’s award belongs to our volunteers who recorded 150,000 hours of service. To people on the street, we promise to continue fighting harmful stereotypes. Aside from numbers and statistics, we exist for one reason: to show love to one another. Congratulations to all the organizations awarded today, we thank the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society for their love and respect.”

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