Our Work

Emfasis is a nonprofit initiative that relies solely on financial donations and private donations to fund its programs.
Support and Empowerment programs derive exclusively from the testimonies of the people we meet on the street and are designed to serve their existing needs in the charted areas through the meticulous recording and analysis of our streetworkers.
The Emfasis Foundation designs, executes, oversees and completes campaigns that have a direct positive impact on their human needs and living conditions.


  • Our primary goal is to "reach out" to those who do not come to us for help, so that we make the first move to meet them in their environment, on their own terms and conditions. That in itself is the best indication of respecting their dignity, where we can take the initiative to offer them assistance before they request it.
  • We integrate into these neighborhoods slowly and gradually, become part of its landscape whilst recording individual needs in a voluntary, confidential and neutral manner.
  • We remain available to those who need our support and wish to share with us their daily needs and struggles.
  • The Mobile Support Units reports daily to the Emfasis’ social service on their findings from day-to-day operations, highlighting the incidents that need immediate investigation.

Relief programs

Each year at Christmas and Easter, the two largest Support campaigns for vulnerable individuals and families take place.
Our trained volunteer teams perform specially designed shifts offering:

a) Survival items (sleeping bags, gloves, caps, socks, scarves, clothing)

b) Hot drinks and solidarity baskets (food items, festive sweets and nutritious snacks)

c) Personal hygiene items

d) Emfasis’ psychosocial support & information leaflets

2013 – until today

In December 2014, Emfasis acquired the first Mobile Support Unit consisting of a van and accompanying social streetwork volunteers.

It operates in areas within and outside the City of Athens covering the needs of a wider range of vulnerable and socially marginalized groups.

In June 2016 we acquire the Second Mobile Support Unit, multiplying the geographical coverage of mapped areas with vulnerable populations, and providing a daily presence to those in need of both specific as well as general support.

During severe weather conditions, such as low temperatures and snowfall, both mobile teams and social streetworkers volunteer during late night shifts and work into the early hours of the morning, trying to relieve those affected by the adverse weather conditions.

2014 – until today

An area where Emfasis’ team of social workers, sociologists, and psychologists provide the necessary support to vulnerable and socially excluded groups (homeless and destitute families). These services are:

* Emfasis in Health: Provision of Emfasis health cards offering free medical exam packages to uninsured individuals (men, women and children)

* Information on Social Programs of Athens (eg Polyclinics, Day Care Centers, Food offerings, Shelters, Organizations with rehabilitation programs etc.)

* Information on free events with educational and entertaining content (e.g. seminars, plays, creative workshops for children etc.)

* Advice on legal and employment matters, as well as administrative assistance (e.g. with social welfare benefits, identity re-issuance, tax registries, homelessness documentations, etc.)

* Basic supplies such as food, clothing & footwear, toiletries, school, children’s school supplies, creative tools, survival kits (sleeping bags, clothing, caps, gloves and scarves) house cleaning supplies.

For the first time a private initiative provides such services in the Greek capital for 6 consecutive years. An average of 50 beneficiaries and 12 families are supported annually so far.

2013 – 2019

Participation of volunteers and supporters in the Athens Semi-Marathon and the Authentic Marathon, with the aim of spreading the Organization’s work in support of the homeless population of Athens.

2015 – 2017

The “Direct Intervention Program” is an innovative program, aimed at the overall treatment and management of homeless’ incidents on the streets of Athens that require immediate intervention.
It consists of 3 parts:

(a)a special application, installed on smartphones by authorized and certified users, as selected by the Emfasis’ affiliate network. Users are able to send information from the street to the Emergency Management Center (EMC)

(b)The EMC evaluates the information and depending on the type of intervention, classifies it into one of three categories of control:

– Intervention on site within a 24-hour period
– On-site intervention within an 8-hour period
– Emergency intervention, where the Mobile Support Units of the Organization are immediately mobilized

c)Final and immediate intervention by Emfasis’ trained social streetworkers or Mobile Support Units depending on the nature of the need. Through the cooperation and coordination of our actions with other organizations, we are given the opportunity to:

  • Meet needs in more remote areas, outside of the Municipality of Athens
  •  Avoid overlapping in the same areas.

2015 – 2016

Constantly looking for ways to respond to the needs of vulnerable social groups in an immediate and effective way, we are addressing everyday health needs and concerns, by providing free medical exam cards that include general, gynecological and pediatric examinations as well as an overall medical evaluation in a safe and dignified environment of a private clinic.

We also consider cases where urgent blood tests are needed in order to process applications for temporary accommodation, school enrollment, etc.

Emfasis health cards are targeted at the homeless without insurance coverage and are intended to support those who are denied access to health care by improving their quality of life and living conditions.

2015 – 2016

The “Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth” program is an innovative endeavor aimed at homeless men or women who either live on the street or are in a “street situation” due to a lack of basic financial resources, lack of supportive family or friendly environment, psychological disorders, or the use of forbidden substances.

Emfasis, through this program, offers temporary residence to our fellow human citizens who are in need, 1-2 times a week, in a central and accessible hotel in Athens. Our goal is:

*To empower our fellow citizens who are facing extreme and adverse weather conditions (low or high temperature, rain, snow) and to help them find refuge

*Have the opportunity to take care of their personal hygiene and aesthetics in order to gain more confidence

*To escape, albeit temporarily, from the bustle of busy city streets, to feel more safe and to have a sense of personal space in which to relax, enjoy some basic amenities and indulge in their favorite distractions, e.g. listen to music, read a book or watch TV.

2014 – 2015

special projects

Therapeutic Photography and Video Therapy Lab for Syrian Refugee Children in Open Hospitality Camps around Athens.

Professional photographers and filmmakers, recruited by Emfasis Foundation and assisted by its volunteers, train young refugees to express their emotional state through photography and film making.

Supported by: GlobalGiving

2017 – until today

The groundbreaking Program “Become a Social Streetworker” is an initiative of Emfasis Foundation. It aims at identifying and promoting positive role models through our volunteers, social streetworkers, whilst ensuring the continuity of their work with respect and dignity. Emfasis is made up of 95% of volunteers who give their time daily, selflessly. Over 140,000 hours of volunteer time have been logged up today, giving the opportunity to improve living conditions to over 3,000 vulnerable people. It implements its mission with 17 programs relief.

The Volunteer Undertaking program enables you to contribute on resolving vital challenges related to:

  • Resolving critical social issues such as youth unemployment as we provide professional training to social streetworkers with essential tools that may be needed in the competitive work field
  • Developing an environmental awareness, as often as possible our volunteers move with public transportation even on bad weather conditions
  • In the fight against homelessness and in reducing social shock by members of our society experiencing social exclusion
  • Mobilizing your employees / colleagues through active participation actions that promote positive thinking

Read the available options below and contact us at +302114066140 and [email protected] for more information. The team of Corporate experts will guide you through the process.

2017 – until today

As part of the social offering of the pioneering internship program, the Emfasis team welcomes Regeneration volunteers each year. Together we manage to accomplish the goals of our programs and share innovative ideas with young professionals.

2016 – until today

Volunteering missions from overseas coming to Greece, with personalized programs developed upon on an individualized basis.

2015 – until today

Emfasis prioritizes the recruitment and employment of unemployed youth in the field of humanities and social sciences, to cover its human resources needs. So far, our Organization has hired 33 new field professionals previously unemployed.

2013 – until today

Emfasis’ volunteer training programs:

Professional mentoring
Advisory services
Skills development seminars for fresh university graduates.

2013 – until today

After the devastating Fires of July 23, 2018, the Emfasis’ team has shown its presence in the affected areas since day one, assessing the immediate needs of fire victims by gathering personal testimonies.

Specialized in attending to populations in street conditions, teams of Emfasis’ trained streetworkers provide immediate help, psychological and counseling support. Emfasis’ main concern is to help all members of society stand on their own feet, in order to take the steps needed to improve their living conditions and take care of their loved ones.

Supported by: GlobalGiving


Three missions to the United Kingdom, Greece and Slovenia were organized with the participation of YMCA North Tyneside, Mládež ulice, YMCA Slovakia, taking place within the Erasmus + “Youth Mobility” Program. It included streetwork workshops, educational excursions and sporting activities, involving vulnerable young people from abroad and young Emfasis streetworkers in order to share new ideas and gain experience.

2017 - 2018

Implemented by the Adult & Youth Volunteer Support Association, Entos/Ektos, in collaboration with Emfasis Foundation. The purpose of this project, was to contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of partner NGOs, to increase efficiency in preventing social victimization and promoting the protection of the rights of children experiencing street conditions (street connected children and other vulnerable children at risk) in areas of high intensity; such as the central urban zones of Thessaloniki and Athens.

The aim of the cooperation was to exchange knowledge and know-how in the respective fields of expertise of each Organization, within the context of protecting the rights of vulnerable child populations.

Through the implementation of the Program, the human resources of the Organizations were exchanged and trained, with new methodologies and tools, developing efficiency and skills for approaching and supporting children at-risk in street conditions.

Funded by: Points of Support, Hellenic Hope Foundation

2017 - 2018

Weekly groups of children Emfasis’ psychologists, social workers and volunteers, working with children from 4-14 years old, aiming to encourage them to participate in group creative games

2016 - 2017

Funding the recruitment of two Emfasis Foundation’s executives in the positions of Relief Coordinator and Mobile Support Unit leader to ensure the effective Operation of the Organization.

2016 - 2017

Funding the recruitment of an Emfasis Foundation Partnership and Volunteer Management executive, in order to strengthen the sustainability of the organization


Emfasis’ training visit to Norway for exchange of practices and technology for tackling Homelessness and reintegrating socially excluded groups.

The EEA Grants represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reducing economic and social disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics.The Bodossaki Foundation has acted as the fund operator of the EEA Grants Greek NGO programme “We are all Citizens”.

During the program’s implementation phase, emphasis has been given on reducing social inequality, poverty and social exclusion, on the protection of human rights, including the rights of minorities, on the capacity building of NGOs and on the promotion of democracy, transparency and good governance.



The program aims to relieve, mobilize and ultimately empower the vulnerable groups on the road (homeless, unemployed, unattended elderly, stranded immigrants) as well as families below the poverty line.

The main “tools” of the program are its two Mobile Support Units. Operated by volunteers & streetworkers they provide personalized material and psychosocial advisory and guidance on a weekly basis. Following an initiative of the teams in the 2nd year of operation, the beneficiaries were given used mobile phones and other second hand smart devices and were shown how to use them in order to improve their communication with the Organization and their loved ones.

As a result, we have witnessed a drastic acceleration on the efficiency of case handling as well as a significant increase in the percentage of beneficiaries who have taken the path of social reintegration.
More than 1,300 adults and children are being assisted annually by the program.

Supported by: The Hellenic Initiative Australia

2018 – until today

A dedicated team exclusively serves senior citizens in the wider area of ​​Piraeus.

This specialized team consisting of a Social Worker, Legal Counsellor and a Tax Specialist, provides the following services to homeless seniors:
Individualized support plan for Health and Administrative matters

Reuniting with loved ones
Encouragement for a new “beginning” and the use of current technologies
Advisory for the prevention of victimization and improved health monitoring

Through respect and discretion, we aim to improve the quality of life of the elderly who are on the street. More than 289 elderly vulnerable people in street conditions are being held annually.

Supported by: TIMA Charitable Foundation

2018 – until today

This program aims to meet the needs of Elderly people who are affected by the economic crisis, face severe financial problems or social exclusion and are abandoned by their families, resulting in them living alone, homeless or in a ‘street situation’.

In cooperation with Emfasis Foundation Mobile Support Units, free advisory and accompanying service are provided to seniors in need of medical care, psychological support, legal and other counseling, representation.
Supported by: TIMA Charitable Foundation

2016 - 2017

The purpose of this program is the social reintegration into both the labor market and the wider society of ex-users of forbidden substances who are in reintegration programs of KETHEA, OKANA and 18 + Ano, as well as the Shedia homeless magazine vendors.

We believe that the key factors for social reintegration are the self-esteem and confidence of these individuals in order to cope with today’s society.

That is why, with this groundbreaking and innovative program, we are changing the image of Yesterday, and with full dental restoration for these individuals we are able to eradicate the social stigma of the past and the opportunity for a fresh start.