GREEK Homeless Protection & Support during COVID19 – Benevity project

Project Details

As of March 15th and until December, 2020 our relief efforts focus on the most vulnerable (health & age wise) of the homeless population who need urgent support & protection.
For that reason, our Organization is operating as:
The 2 mobile support units conduct daily support shifts under the strictest safety measures, providing the following:
Contactless distributions to the areas mostly hosting vulnerable homeless population or people with no permanent roof. The distributions consist of survival items, such as personal hygiene goods, canned food, toilet papers, wet wipes, nutritional dry snacks, pack of vit-C enriched juices, tissues, sleeping bag, towels, underwear.
Contactless distributions at home: for the elderly, those with mobility problems, vulnerable health who are advised against leaving their “spot” or temporary accommodation.
Distribution of 2nd hand mobile phones: enhancing our ability to communicate with people in need, we also provide our beneficiaries with 2nd hand mobile phones so they can contact us with specific requests for assistance.
Distribution of super market vouchers 5 and 10 euros: For those who are able to circulate
with safety, we offer them the dignity of purchasing their own personal items.
Distribution of leaflets with vital information about COVID19.
Emfasis team consists of trained psychologists, social workers and sociologists who provide constant telephone support to homeless in despair during the pandemic crisis. They receive valuable guidance about ways to protect and support themselves as well as where and how to seek urgent assistance.
Families with young children: Assisting for a maximum period of 6 months, with rental subsidy for a temporary accommodation in order to allow them to be safe whilst they seek support through state benefits.
Assistance with e-submission of their prescriptions for their medication.
Emfasis assists approximately 300 destitute fellow humans on a weekly basis.

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