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Who We Are

Emfasis Foundation is a non-profit organization that since 2013 has supported people experiencing homelessness, the unemployed, impoverished families, vulnerable young people, and the elderly at risk of homelessness and in cases of disaster. Using streetwork methodology, our network of professionals and trained volunteers work daily on the streets of Attica, providing critical resources and individual psychosocial support. Emfasis operates independently of any governments, relying solely on corporate and individual contributions.



Our Team

The Emfasis team is comprised of individuals of all ages from many backgrounds. The knowledge and experience of each team member contributes to the organization’s success and field activity. New team members receive general training in Emfasis’ work, followed by specialized training for their specific role. All team members are involved according to their comfort level.

Building trust in relationships is based on authenticity, discretion and comfort.

We operate:

  Using non-discriminatory practices

  Adaptively to the changing conditions of the “street” field

  Efficiently, avoiding bureaucratic slowdown.



Streetwork is an internationally-recognized social support methodology which seeks to empower and protect vulnerable social groups without a permanent home and to enhance their ability to support themselves. Social streetwork focuses on individuals living on the street, facing adverse living conditions and various forms of social exclusion.

The Social Streetworkers of the Emfasis Foundation are usually considered the only line of communication between the community and the excluded groups, demonstrating daily sincere interest and through their active listening and responsiveness to the needs of the people they approach. 

Social Streetwork seeks to give its beneficiaries a leading role in the development of the relationship, built on the principles of trust and encouragement. In other words, the beneficiaries decide what, how and when.

With our support and guidance, our beneficiaries secure access to basic human rights for housing, work and care, the restoration of their dignity and self-confidence, all while improving their overall quality of life.

From the day we started, we felt that we had created a line of communication between the community and those whom it excluded. Those who felt forgotten had the opportunity to get in touch with our teams almost every day. Areas stigmatized by tension and division spoke to us about the beneficial effect of our presence, as we absorbed a social shock that had previously been pervasive in the streets.

Since 2013, more than ten thousand (10,000) people experiencing visible and invisible homelessness have received psychosocial, material and humanitarian support. The organization gave the opportunity to forty-five (45) young social scientists to start their careers. We implemented 19 relief programs that sprang from the testimonies and demands of the people themselves. Two hundred thousand (200,000) hours of volunteer work have been invested in mapping the needs and psychosocial support of the socially vulnerable and excluded, while more than five hundred thousand (500,000) resources for survival have been provided.




Emfasis in the COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020, the tragic consequences of the unexpected pandemic of the COVID-19 virus severely threatened the most vulnerable individuals living in precarious conditions. Emfasis has implemented its crisis management plan uninterrupted since March and has so far provided:

– thousands of basic necessities with deliveries to meeting places or accommodation of the beneficiary in need,

– psychosocial services through mobile support units,

– key information to people on the road with no or limited access to basic sanitation, including a contact line for immediate support and recording of needs.


How Can I Help?

The multilevel action of the organization allows for various forms of contribution and participation. Initially, anyone can participate voluntarily, and each of our volunteers is thoroughly trained depending on the role they undertake. Volunteers can respond to posts made on our communication channels (Facebook/Instagram) to stay up to date on current needs. Individuals can provide financial support to our programs, assist in placing donation boxes and posters at private companies, and donate survival items based on the need of the season.

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