Emfasis in the COVID-19 Pandemic

From the beginning of the pandemic our teams remained active, constantly evaluating, with due care and responsibility, plans for urgent relief actions of our vulnerable fellow community members in the context of this unprecedented situation.

As a result, Emfasis recorded:

  • 59 field streetwork shifts
  • 1,242 cases of people in street living conditions
  • 42 on-site visits for intact deliveries of essential items
  • 400 kits with survival items
  • 200 antiseptics for protection against the spread of Covid-19
  • 1,000 packages of food wrapped and lasts long let 

At the same time, and in view of Easter, the #bake4good campaign was carried out until the end of April, in which individuals participated by offering individual pastries. More specifically, members of the Emfasis team undertook the collection and distribution of home-made breads to the homeless and families living below the poverty line throughout Attica.

More than 60 amateur confectioners participated, creating more than 950 pastries, which were offered to over 370 people throughout Attica.

As long as needs and demands continue unabated, with homeless and vulnerable populations facing even greater difficulties at this time, the Emfasis team continues to support them in strict compliance following protection and hygiene measures.

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