Emfasis Foundation’s contribution to this year’s emergency measures for extremely cold temperatures


Emfasis Foundation, in collaboration with other organizations, once again stood by the people who require our assistance. This winter has had many surprises as the last days of 2019 saw extreme weather conditions (significantly low temperatures, heavy thunderstorms, strong winds) making it difficult for the destitute people who live in street conditions.



Since December 26, Emfasis Foundation, with a well-established team of volunteers, performs daily Streetwork shifts with the sole aim of relieving and empowering people on the street. These shifts include distribution of sleeping bags, blankets, sanitary ware, water, nutritional snacks as well as psychological support by our streetworker psychologists.

As we enter deeply into the winter season, we continue our crucial preparation of provisions, hoping that our efforts will have a significant impact on protecting the homeless.
In order to be able be active and present on the streets and neighborhoods daily, we continue to need vital supplies. Please help us with any of the below ways:
  • Buy a sleeping bag. Click here to buy a sleeping bag.
  • Buy supermarket gift vouchers. Click here to buy a gift voucher.
  • Buying a solidarity basket. Click here to buy a solidarity basket.
  • Donate to the Emfasis Foundation. Click here to donate.



Emfasis Foundation is a Νon-Profit Organisation. It is the brainchild of a private initiative and it was founded to address the holistic needs of all vulnerable and socially excluded groups (homeless – rough sleepers, unemployed, people below the poverty line, people with problems of various kinds of addictions,) living mainly in a street situation or impending homelessness as well as those who face serious survival problems. Emfasis does not receive any funding from governmental or public entities, nor is integrated in any financial or investment package that burdens the Greek or European taxpayer and the only way to implement its mission is to have the real support of those who believe in its vision.

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