Emfasis Becomes Official Member of the “Consortium for Street Children Network”

The Emfasis Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its partnership in April 2016 with the Consortium for Street Children Network (CSC), the leading international network for the rights of street children. This distinction came as a result of the cooperation of Emfasis with Praksis Athens & Thessaloniki as well as Arsis Thessaloniki, on a trip to the Greek border, accompanied by a CSC representative, during their first official visit to Greece.

CSC is a global network of more than 80 members, small, medium and large international organizations, with the sole purpose of giving voice to street children, promoting their rights and improving their way of life. The network’s work focuses on advocating for the rights of these children, through global policy-making, research and networking with researchers, professionals and decision-makers.

By participating in the CSC, the Emfasis Foundation secures its participation in United Nations public consultation on these children. In addition, they are given the opportunity to take an active part in the actions and campaigns that take place worldwide on the International Day of Children on Road (April 12) in order to inform the public on this issue.

It is especially important that Emfasis now has access to a large database and resources related to street children as well as to a global network of organizations, which enables it to share information, best practices, and concerns and to start new research and collaborations.

Entering this partnership is a great honor, not only because the Emfasis Foundation is the first and only Greek member organization, but because through consultation, exchange of information and collaborations, Emfasis will have the opportunity to share and implement appropriate methods of defending and promoting the rights of children, with the ultimate goal of tackling the phenomenon in our country.

Finally, we thank the CSC network for our selection and reaffirm our enthusiastic commitment. For more details on the Consortium for Street Children Network visit the Website: https://streetchildren.org/

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