Education as Volunteerism Fuel

One of the goals of Emfasis is the continuous training of its volunteers, as they are the backbone of the organization. Having offered approximately 18,000 hours of volunteer work to date, they tirelessly organize, coordinate and implement all of the organization’s programs for the benefit of our fellow community members in need. Every day, they look for new ways to support and offer, identifying and meeting the growing needs of Emfasis beneficiaries.

In support of this, for the second consecutive year in Athens, a two-day experiential-educational seminar was organized on February 6-7 called “Streetwork: Theory and Practical Applications in Contemporary Social Phenomena”. The trainers, Don Irving and Simon Whitmore, are members of the UK Federation of Detached Youth. The participation was impressive, as about 40 members from 11 different organizations took part, and the primary focus of the seminar was the development of knowledge and skills necessary for social work on the road. For photos from the event, you can refer here.

On March 10, in collaboration with Social Erasmus Greece (ESN), Emfasis presented to volunteering students of all nationalities the methods of approaching vulnerable population groups through the practice of Streetwork. The attendees then participated in the afternoon Street Work shift.

During the first week of April, the educational institution ALBA, in collaboration with the company SOACIALAB, organized the program “Digital Marketing for NGOs”, offering a free opportunity to voluntary organizations to deepen the use of electronic networking media to their advantage. Our volunteer, Iosifina Grivea, attending this seminar, was able to become more actively involved in the field of electronic networking and apply her new knowledge toward the communication needs of Emfasis.

Towards the end of April, Emfasis had the honor and privilege to host for her first official visit to Greece Dr. Alex Sporidou, Deputy Managing Director of the Young People Support Foundation, based in Manchester ( Under her leadership, a seminar was organized, addressed to Emfasis volunteers and selected partners, regarding the approach of young people as a separate social group and included the provision of confidential advice on education, training, homelessness, employment, as well as for the refugee crisis.

We were especially pleased with the visit of a group of 40 Psychology students from the Dutch University of Tilburg who were interested in the social phenomenon of homelessness in Greece, its impact, and ways of dealing with it. Through a seminar organized by Emfasis, an exchange of knowledge, views, and ideas took place, followed by a combined Streetwork shift, where participants offered food and survival items to community members.

Emfasis continually plans educational activities and trainings, offering everyone the opportunity to develop their volunteer spirit and skills. We are constantly looking for ways to expand the organization’s partnerships and the horizons of our volunteers who support those who need us on a daily basis.

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