Crowdfunding Project – Temporary Accomondation

On May 19, 2020, Emfasis Foundation launched a new project through the crowdfunding platform GIVE and FUND, which had the sole purpose of covering temporary accommodation in 2 separate cases of homelessness that needed immediate treatment. These two people slept on the street or in makeshift shelters and it was necessary to find a home for them as they were facing serious health problems. The desired goal was € 3,000 to secure their accommodation in rented accommodation for at least the next 3 months.

Description of the project:
In the past months, 2 separate cases of fellow citizens, currently supported by Emfasis Foundation, Mr. Michalis & Ms. Ioanna, have been sleeping rough on and off. Each of them faces serious health problems, which, combined with their adverse living conditions on the streets amidst the pandemic, require urgent addressing the lack of a temporary housing solution more than ever.

Hence, we come to you asking for your support, helping Mr. Michalis and Mrs. Ioanna. By contributing any amount you wish, you offer them:

Instant possibility to move into a safe accommodation – each one of them will be hosted in a pre-approved place
A way out from the constant fear and threatening insecurity one experiences whilst sleeping on the streets 
Mental empowerment and a fair amount of optimism
Once we fulfil our target of 3,000€, we are going to be able to pay the 2 “apartments” for a minimum of 3 months including of all living expenses. In the meantime we will have time to work on finding more permanent solutions for their housing needs.

Together, let’s put emfasis on human dignity, show solidarity and touch lives.  

As we posted on the social media channels of Emfasis:

“We have great news!  The project reached its goal we are truly thankful to Giannis Hatzibeis from the Give & Fund platform, for his valuable guidance! We are extremely touched and excited by your response, hitting our target in just 2 weeks, thank you to each and every one of you for acting on our call for help.
Since days already,  the temporary housing for Mr. Michalis and Mrs. Ioanna have been found and they have moved into their accommodation.
Every time you stand by us and through our joint actions, we manage to find solutions together, we draw strength, inspiration. Such projects are a strong proof, that it is possible to positively influence the course of a person’s life through an act of kindness. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your undivided support and encouragement. We hope you have received our thank you letters in the meantime.

Stay well, stay safe and let’s keep in touch!
Social Services Team”


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