Family Compass

Family Compass - the main need

In its 9 years of operation and continuous presence on the streets of Attica, Emfasis Foundation has continuously recorded and studied the needs and challenges of families experiencing extreme poverty.

Since 2013, all relief programs are the result of testimonies and systematic interviews of the service-users themselves regarding their immediate needs and priorities.

We found that:

More and more families are on the verge of eviction from the accommodation in which they live.

The program has covered from February 2021 to date

hygiene kits & food
partial funding of utility fees
ώρες συμβουλευτικής

Goals & Services

Main Objectives:

Relief, empowerment & mobilization of the families where Empfasis systematically supports by providing them with food aid, basic necessities, participation in covering rent payments (in cases of eviction), participation in covering DEKO bills in cases of interruption.

At the same time, the beneficiaries of the program are fully mobilized in terms of their professional rehabilitation, the methodical management of their medical issues, as well as their holistic empowerment at the individual and family level.