407 Hope Boxes from Wise Greece and Domino’s Pizza

A collaboration for good that gives hope!

Domino’s Pizza Greece, in collaboration with Wise Greece, delivered to Emfasis 2.5 tons of food to support our vulnerable fellow citizens.

The valuable donation of spaghetti, barley, rice, lentils, nuts, pastries, jams, and honey helped the efforts of the Emfasis Foundation.

All items of the donation were donated to Emfasis beneficiaries who are on the road in the wider Attica as well as to collaborating organizations that specialize in the distribution of cooked food. The donation benefited dozens of large families & 7 collaborators of Emfasis who in turn support hundreds of vulnerable community members.

We thank Ms. Melina Taprantzi, Founder of Wise Greece, & Ms. Vasiliki Mazioti, Marketing Manager Domino’s, for this initiative.   

Together we can do more!

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