180 Gold Medals for Emfasis Foundation in the Athens Half-Marathon 2016

EMFASIS FOUNDATION, as the Official Cooperating Non-Profit Organization of the institution for second year in row, ran with its friends and supporters, in the Athens Half-Marathon, on Sunday 20th of March. With the slogan “People in the streets… I don’t pass them by, I run for them”, 180 runners gave a powerful presence on the start line, standing by the side of the fellow humans who need them. By breaking any previous record of attendance, EMFASIS spread its work, the meaning of volunteerism and the essence of unselfish help.

The Sunday race demonstrated great solidarity, and a powerful statement for hope for a better future was made. For this reason, we’d like to thank warmly all of you who ran for our community members. Volunteer students from AIESEC GREECE deserve a special mention, who assisted with enthusiasm in the event. A photo gallery can be found on this page.

We expect to experience a similar atmosphere during the 34th Athens Classical Marathon, which will be held on the 13th of November. Although the registration process is about to end, there are still some days left to apply as an Emfasis runner. More information on your participation can be found on this link. Even if you decide not to run, you can still support the runners who will take part wearing the EMFASIS shirt, applauding their will and courage. Also, you can follow the links which contain alternative ways of support towards our beneficiaries (volunteering or donation).

The proceeds raised by this year participation on the Half Marathon –as well by the Authentic Marathon on November- are used for the support of the 2 Mobile Support Units’ work on the streets in Athens and Piraeus. The trained groups of volunteers and Streetworkers are on these streets daily, engaging with homeless and poor individuals in order to provide them food, survival kits, clothing items and psychological and advisory support, in order to improve their living conditions.

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