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We don’t pass them by… We run for them!

The 33rd Athens Authentic Marathon is now behind us, but the memories are still vibrantly alive. Following our triumphant participation in this year’s Athens Half Marathon, Emfasis ran for the homeless of Athens in the Marathon Race and the 10km Road Race, alongside 43,000 participants.

Δεν Προσπερνώ - Τρέχω γι' αυτούς - INT

The highlights of the day were the participation of our own Street Work volunteer, Irene Melegovits, who refused to withdraw despite suffering from a heavy flu and bravely joined the 10 km Road Race, as well as the participation of Dimitris Tasoulis who flew all the way from Stuttgart, to fulfil his wish to run the Marathon Race for Emfasis and support our vision!

Furthermore, what’s worth noting is this year’s record of social solidarity despite the worsening economic crisis and, last but not least, the historic participation record at the Marathon, one of the biggest celebrations of the Greek capital.

We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting