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Our “Solidarity” VEHICLE


The daily needs of modern society, transform incessantly and rapidly. The reality we live in, presents us with the constant challenge of ways to act efficiently when providing help. As street workers we spend long hours on the field, observing, listening, exploring ways to enrich our activities to ultimately increase our efficacy. As a result, the Mobile Support Unit has been reinforced with a new van.

Με Όχημα την Αλληλεγγύη - INT

With our (as we call it) ‘Solidarity Vehicle’, we are reaching out to people in need or as known those “in street situation”, doubling our radius of coverage and the communities we support, who derive optimism and strength from our presence. As of October 1st, we have reinforced our presence in Athens and Piraeus, alongside our dedicated volunteers and our respect and dignity to human life!

We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting