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We Continue Our Efforts and Outside Our Borders!


EMFASIS continues with three social benefit programs, aimed at improving the living conditions of people who find themselves in transit or on a street situation (as they are called)

1. Mobile Support Units
2. Social Support Corner
3. Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth

Apart from the private organizations and individuals that are on our side since the beginning, two unique initiatives took also place.

The first one is GlobalGiving, a Non-Profit Organization, based in the U.S.A. that provides an online crowdfunding platform supporting worldwide projects from approved humanitarian organizations. Our collaboration started in June 2015, amidst the rapid socioeconomic developments in our country, that led to a dramatic increase of homelessness amongst people in transit or on the streets.

Οι Προσπάθειές μας Συνεχίζονται και Εκτός Συνόρων - INT

With a special mention on our Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth program through GlobalGiving, more and more people living overseas have the opportunity, not only to get regular updates regarding the difficult situation people in Greece face, but to also have a reliable and trustworthy channel to offer financial support and solidarity through Emfasis.

The second initiative was the cooperation with the Cypriot community “Heart Cyprus”, under the ‘Thank You Greece” campaign, a unique solidarity act towards the Greek people in need.

All of the proceeds collected in the campaign and during a fundraising event held by the Cypriot community, were dedicated entirely to equipping the Mobile Support Unit and the Social Support Corner of EMFASIS, thus contributing to the relief of thousands of fellow citizens below the poverty line.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of every effort, small or greater. Emfasis drives numerous synergies in order to achieve a direct and effective response towards the overall “needs” because we know “ together is easier”.

We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting