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In the most desperate of situations, there is always a ray of hope that encourages us to take action.



Emfasis places enormous value on the importance of volunteer work and the engagement and sacrifice towards the community. History proves that people who had the least, gave the most. Volunteering is not a question of money, competence or expertise, it is a question of belief, generosity of heart and desire to give back to the people. The spirit of volunteering in each one of us is contagious and it is a powerful force for social transformation. Emfasis runs a series of special volunteer programmes, including “The volunteer of the Year” award, the winner of which will enjoy an overseas experience in South East Asia, where Emfasis maintains strong alliances with local non-profits and charities. There are immediate vacancies, If you would like to apply please fill and submit the form below. We will review and get back to you as soon as possible.

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