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For second year in row, an EMFASIS’ volunteer was selected to be supported by the program “Vodafone World of Difference”. The program “World of Difference” is an innovative initiative by Vodafone, which has taken place in Greece since 2011. Specifically, it offers to 10 successful nominees the possibility to work for a charitable non-profit organization of their choice for 6 months, contributing to the coverage of society’s essential needs. After Archonto Antonatou was selected on 2015, this year Solonas Malkas was opted out as one of the program’s winners and thanks to it, he managed to reinforce EMFASIS’ work and support our efforts, as the Mobile Support Units Coordinator in Athens and Piraeus. The finding that EMFASIS is the unique Greek NGO awarded two years consecutively fills us with pride, since it proves that many people believe in our vision.

ë£sú£ñª 1 - £¬a½£¿áíp ÇSolonas started as street worker and photographer on a volunteering basis with EMFASIS on 2013, since EMFASIS was founded, but for the last year he has assumed the position of General Supervisor of both Mobile Support Units. His goal is to train the teams’ chiefs and volunteers of the units, aiming at the orderly and efficient operation for the immediate and substantial support of the beneficiaries. During the first 6 months of 2016, the Mobile Support Units’ teams, under the guidance of Solon, have already managed to increase the efficiency of their project and expand the number of benefiters.

At the same time, he is the official photographer of the Organization, covering the MSUs shifts, the Street work teams’ actions, the Social Support Corner’s days, as well other EMFASIS programs. Through this position, he succeeds to promote EMFASIS’ work publicly, either via the social media platforms, or by mail communication. In this way, he contributes to the Fundraising team’s efforts to gather material and equipment that support EMFASIS’ daily activities, and alongside this he highlights the major problem of homelessness through artistic vision, a practice Emfasis adopted first of all.

For more information on the program, you can refer to this link and the program’s winners video can be found here.

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Once more, we’d like to thank Vodafone Greece, which, believing in our Vision, gave us the opportunity to make the best of our volunteer’s passion and enthusiasm, thus supporting more fellow humans in need.

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