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The Greek Diaspora of the U.A.E. is on Emfasis’ side…

EMFASIS is the birth child of a team of Greek citizens living overseas, who wished to provide their own answers and solutions to the dire socio-economic crisis in Greece. They tirelessly pand constantly seek for new and creative ways to support their country.

The results of their efforts are two major events held in Dubai in October and November respectively, a wholehearted EMFASIS initiative.

Η Ελληνική Ομογένεια των Η.Α.Ε. στο πλευρό της Emfasis - INT 1(1)

On October 9th, the “STHN YGEIA MAS EMIRATA” event took place in Dubai.
Hosted by Spyros Papadopoulos and accompanied by the famous Greek artists Melina Aslanidou and Kostas Makedonas, alongside a Greek band with some of the most famous instrument players, the Greeks in the Emirates embarked on a music and journey back to the sounds of their homeland, danced and shared powerful feelings of solidarity and unity till early morning hours. The response was truly overwhelming!

The evening will be remembered as the most successful Greek charity event ever that took place in the UAE! More than 1,000 Greeks gathered even from the most distant emirates sending a strong message of support to Greece!

This event was followed by the “BABA, DO NOT DIE AGAIN ON A FRIDAY” theatrical play, a month later. The Greek amateur theater group Scenes & Skenes performed the famous black comedy on the stage for the first time, also contributing to Emfasis’ efforts.

Η Ελληνική Ομογένεια των Η.Α.Ε. στο πλευρό της Emfasis - INT 2

With two theatrical performances held in the Centrepoint Theatre at Ductac at the Mall of the Emirates, the Greeks living in the UAE honored our country’s tradition in theatre, beyond the Greek borders.

The Greek diaspora graced us with their presence, demonstrating their love for the Greek culture and culture, at an event that was thinking of Greece and its difficult times. The remaining proceeds after covering all production and other costs, will be immediately donated to the Mobile Support Units and “Merry Streetmas” programmes.

Our dedicated groups of volunteers will be providing daily essential survival items to our fellow citizens who struggle to cope with the extreme winter temperatures, operating mainly on the streets of Athens and Piraeus in late night and early morning hours.
We are grateful to all Greeks, who despite living overseas, have stood by our efforts to support.

We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting