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What we do

Street work is socio-educational work aiming at people who are socially vulnerable or socially excluded, in their environment (streets and neighborhoods)


What we Do-1

  • We work on various levels to fulfill our mission:
    • young people and adults
    • others who live in the neighborhood
    • the social professionals of the area
    • local authorities
  • We get to know the neighborhood
  • We get to share with people their daily struggles and routines
  • We see people at their environment, on their terms and conditions
  • We become a direct listening medium that is confidential, voluntary and neutral
  • We go to people who would not come to us – this is our major target
  • We  become part of the environment – available to those who need our support
  • We restore the spirit of neighborhood solidarity and contribute to improving the social well-being of the neighborhood  through our networks
We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting