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How we work

Social Street WorkOur mission is to re-establish the connection between the people in need and their Environment. It is to remind them that their life is of value and together we can work towards a brighter way of living.

The steps we take in order to fulfill our mission are the following:

  • We introduce ourselves to the local neighborhood and authorities making them aware of our mission
  • We spread the word around
  • We do a systematic social mapping of the various social groups and their needs
  • We refer these needs to the Emfasis social services team to evaluate and prioritize
  • We pay people dignity and respect and we work together in order to draw a plan addressing their needs
  • We connect people with the “system” acting as a link between those on the street and other professionals.
  • We accompany people to public social services (legal advice, the health system, social institutions, etc.)
  • We believe partnerships with a network of different governmental and non-governmental structures  are essential for a holistic and successful long term intervention
  • We mobilize Emfasis private funds to support people in urgent need, whilst a more long term solution is being devised
  • We help people in need realize that every person has the right to a good life
  • Examples of help provided:
    • support in getting temporary housing
    • part time or full time work
    • children care during working hours
    • medical or pharmaceutical assistance
    • psychological support
    • food – clothing and other essentials support
  • Other forms of support provided may go as far as:
    • school tutoring
    • elderly care
    • transport assistance
    • legal advise
    • counseling


We are proud of:

Volunteered hours and counting