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Emfasis Special Projects

Emfasis Special Projects-1
Emfasis relies entirely on private and individual funding for the implementation of its programs. Emfasis does not receive any funding from governmental or public entities, nor is integrated in any financial or investment package that burdens the Greek or European taxpayer and the only way to implement its mission is to have the real support of those who believe in its vision

The Special projects are being designed to address the neighborhood’s needs based on the street workers pool of shared experience. We pioneer projects that have a direct positive impact on human needs such as:

 1. Changing the past – Dental Restoration

The main purpose of this programme is the social reintegration of the former prohibited substance users who have completed successfully rehabilitation programmes of several rehab facilities, such as KE.THE.A, OKANA and 18Ano.  We believe that confidence and self – esteem play a crucial role in their reintegration into society. It is for this reason, that through this pioneering and innovative programme, we turn the page from yesterday’s “look”, and with full dental restitution we offer the ability to eradicate the social stigma of the past and a chance for a fresh start in life.

2.Emfasis Health Cards

Seeking constantly ways to address the needs of the vulnerable and socially excluded groups, we focus on providing a wide range of free medical tests, which include general, gynecological and pediatric examinationsas well as medical evaluation to those who live on the street or are below the poverty line with no health insurance. We also consider cases where medical tests are required on an urgent basis, as part of applying for temporary shelter, schools, etc. Our aim is to support them by improving their living conditions through the provision of Emfasis Health Cards.

3. Synathina & Social Support Corner

Αfter weeks of presence of the Emfasis Social service Team every Wednesday at Synathina, for the first time a private initiative provides a new service called “Social Support Corner” addressing crucial needs of our vulnerable fellow citizens with a wide range of services:

  • “Emfasis οn Health”: informative sessions about Emfasis’ health cards
  • Information about Social institutions with benefits (e.g. Clinics, Day Centers, Soup Kitchens, Homeless shelters, Rehabilitation Programmes) and events with free access to educational and entertainment venues
  • Legal counseling and employment advisory
  • Every last Wednesday of the month we provide: food, clothing, survival kits (sleeping bag, mats, wooly hat & gloves, personal hygiene items etc.), baby and school supplies

4.Winter & Spring Campaigns

Winter Festive Season with Dignity (8/12/2013 – 20/1/2014): Daily offer to those who live on the streets or are “in a street situation”*:

  • Breakfast, clothing, medications, survival kits (sleeping back, raincoat, wooly hat and gloves and wipes for personal hygiene)
  • Psychological support and Counseling
  • Information aboutInformation about Social Structures (eg Clinics, Day Centers, Soup Kitchens, Rehabilitation Programmes)

Emfasis Spring Campaign (15/4/2014 – 23/4/ 2014): Daily offer of hot breakfast, clothing, toys in cooperation with the organization “Babyfeat” as well as information leaflets about HIV prevention, provided by the non-profit organization “Positive Voice”. Finally,we covered the cost of reissuing official Greek identification Cards to those who could not afford it and we provided families below the poverty line with supermarket gift vouchers.

Winter Campaign “Merry Streetmas” (15/12/2014 – 9/1/2015):Our volunteers social street workers in collaboration with RSF Hellas- Volunteering Team of Communications and Rescue were present daily on the streets and in the areas of Pedion Areos, Vathi Square, St. George Square and Nomiki, οffering hot tea and food as well as survival kits for the homeless and our socially excluded fellow citizens.Furthermore, a special team of social street workers offered to the working children breakfast and gifts and spent time with them performing interactive creative games, puppet shows and creative drawing. Finally, all along this period our volunteers spread awareness to the general public regarding the living conditions of all those who live on the streets as well as how they could be actively involved in the various activations of Emfasis for their relief.

5.Mobile Support Unit & Emergency Relief During Extreme Weather Conditions

Since December 2014, Emfasis is operating a Mobile Support Unit, which consists of a van and a team of volunteer social workers. It covers areas within and beyond Athens Municipality, offering help to more socially excluded and vulnerable fellow citizens. Thanks to our Mobile Support Unit we managed to multiply the geographical coverage of the mapped areas with vulnerable population, whilst we continue with the daily supply of all those who need basic survival means, such as clothing, food, sleeping bags, personal hygiene items, first aid) and overall support. During periods of extreme weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures, snowfall etc, our team of volunteers conduct late night shift till early morning hours, trying to provide relief of as many people on the streets as possible.

6. Direct Intervention Program

Direct Intervention Program is an innovative program aiming to address and manage urgent cases of homeless or rough sleepers on the streets of Athens which require immediate intervention.

It is divided in 3 parts:

a) An application installed on mobile devices (smartphones) used only by certified users screened by Emfasis. Users send the info-alert regarding a homeless person in need to the Central Control Centre (CCC)

b) The Central Control Centre evaluates the information and depending on the severity of the situation, it gets classified in one of the following three categories:

– Intervention within 24 hours

– Intervention within 8 hours

– Emergency intervention by the Emfasis Mobile Support Unit

c) Ultimately the immediate intervention by the Emfasis special Social Street Workers teams or by the Mobile Support Unit depending on the nature of the emergency.

Also, through cooperating and coordinating our activities with other partners we will be able:

  • to cover needs beyond  the Athens municipality
  • to avoid unnecessary overlap in patrolling in the same areas

7. Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth

“Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth” is a pioneering project, that is addressed to homeless men or women, who are forced to live on the streets or in “street situation” for various reasons because they lack of basic economic resources, supportive family or friendly environment, suffer from psychological disorders, or use prohibited substances.

Emfasis, through this program, offers temporary hospitality to the people in need, 1-2 nights per week, in a central hotel in Athens, with easy access. Our program’s main objective is to:

  • support people who have to cope with extreme weather conditions (low or high temperature, rain, snow) and help them find a shelter, where they will be protected
  • offer them the chance to take care of their personal hygiene and aesthetics, in order for them to obtain more self-confidence regarding the way they look
  • escape, even temporarily, from the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets of the city, in order to feel more secure and gain a sense of personal space, where they will be able to relax, allowing themselves some basic comforts such as simply listen to their favorite music, read a book, watch TV programs and movies.
We are proud of:

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