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How you can contribute


Raise funds for Emfasis? Simple and hassle free!

Simple ideas as hold a luncheons, give Emfasis the “gifts” of a birthday party, give your next school reunion a good purpose or buy the EMFASIS festive gift vouchers, making you stand out from everyone else. Our Fundraising team is there to help you. Simply email us on info@emfasisfoundation.org

Help with money


Emfasis relies entirely on private donations. You can select a specific need/or project where you would like your money to be contributed towards. We will take the time to explain in detail how it works. You will receive regular updates. We commit to maintain any other administration fees below 12% (bank charges and donation platform fees like Pay Pal etc.so that you know that your contribution will reach its target with no deductions. Even the smallest donation can have a tremendous impact on the living conditions of a human being in need.

Help with your time

BE THE CURRENCY! There is no easier and fulfilling way than to lend your expertise to a cause that makes a difference. Whether in Finance, Legal, Advertisement, Social Sciences or even a teacher, a musician, an artist, an expert of any field, we NEED you! We need your talent, it can create an immense difference in someone’s life. Please fill in the form of voluntary labor supply here and we will get in touch with you and share with you the various ways for as little as 2hrs a week, you could be part of the Emfasis family of volunteers.

Spread the word

Please spread the word to your family, friends, work or any other medium, so that they become aware of our work and needs. Simply like us on FB and share our posts with your FB friends.
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We are proud of:

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