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Get Inspired by others

Get Inspired by Others 2

“Helping with Emfasis has been one of the most rewarding moments in my life. I never expected to feel so humbled alongside professionals and volunteers who simply focus on making every day life better for other people. I will never look at simple privileges such as a roof above my head, food on my table and family warmth and care as granted… They are priceless, we just don’t know it…”

Natasha K

“Going out on the streets, just a few blocks away from my office building and seeing for the first time with the eyes of Emfasis’s teams, changed forever the way I look at people passing by. Every human being has a story to tell, but one thing is for certain. They all deserve a chance for a life filled with dignity and respect.”

Apostolos V

“I could never imagine that a person that looks absolutely normal from the outside, could be facing life devastating situations back at home. They look exactly like my own family but they are without a job, no medical insurance and are unable to provide the basics for their young children We made sure that they had a lunch box for the school for each child and also helped them with their homework. We also assisted with the medical condition of the ailing father. There is now a shy smile on the children’s face and hope in the parents’ eyes”


“It was a complete revelation to me that so little was enough. Every one of us has the power of making a difference. Helping an unemployed young person find a part time job opened a whole new horizon for him. It felt so wonderful to know that I was the reason for changing someone’s future. Indescribable…”


“I felt the urge to donate. I didn’t really know if my contribution was enough to impact the destiny of my co-patriots. When I received the letter from Emfasis explaining in detail how my donation was part of buying a prosthetic leg for a young boy who was involved in an accident, I then realized how many people out there rely on us to take action.”

Christos H

“I have been away from my country for many years but I always kept it close to my heart. I supported an Emfasis project that provided basic medication to underprivileged children and elderly who were suffering from various medical conditions. I still find it hard to comprehend that what for others is considered granted, for others is simply beyond means. I will never forget how fulfilling it was to be part of such a noble cause.”

Manos C

“I asked my two children to tell their friends not to buy a birthday present, but instead to donate the value of the gift towards Emfasis programs for children. I felt so proud when both my children wrote a letter to their schoolmates explaining the situation in Greece. It was heart wrenching. They now want to swim for charity… We need to teach our children to be empathetic to one another. This is the biggest gift a parent can offer to his children”

Anna D
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