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Emfasis Spring Campaign

Emfasis Foundation, during its constant search for new ways to help the socially vulnerable, spearheaded an activity during the festive days of Easter. The campaign intended to provide relief to fellow men and women in need and offer them a human touch of solidarity and camaraderie.

The project was called «Emfasis Spring Campaign». It commenced on Tuesday 15/4 and was completed on Easter Wednesday, 23/4. Our team was based out of the “SynAthina venue,” kindly provided to us by the municipality of Athens, from 10:00 am to 12:00.

Emfasis Foundation offered hot breakfast, in cooperation with the Athens Ledra Hotel, to more than 700 people, as well as basic goods such as clothes and toys to the children, in cooperation with the organization «Babyfeat».
We also offered informational leaflets for the prevention of HIV, provided by the non-profit organization “Positive voice. ”

A special information booklet including a map of the capital’s centre designed and printed by Emfasis Foundation, was distributed to all those concerned, providing simple yet vital information of the existing social structures and institutions of the municipality of Athens. All along, we had the opportunity to provide psychological support and counseling to people who required such assistance.

Further services were the financial support to cover the cost of reissuing an official Identification Card, so that people in need can start the process of issuing the necessary documents to receive special financial help and supermarket gift vouchers worth 10-20 € .

Overall, we were able to derive several positive results:

Firstly, we spread the awareness about Emfasis and its modus operandi, to a bigger population of socially vulnerable, offering guidance as to how to take the necessary steps to improve one’s dire situation.
Furthermore, we acquired more data and statistics, painting a more complete picture regarding the identification of our target groups and their needs, enabling us to address them more effectively during future activations.
Some of the findings were as follows:
– It was established that the vast majority of the people encountered was of Greek origin, mostly over 50 years old, homeless, jobless and users of forbidden substances.
– A significant part of the target groups were the unaccompanied children, which sadly continue to have a strong daily presence on the streets. The Emfasis Foundation psychologists and social scientists, spent precious time with them through creative play, developing relationships based on trust, which lays the most crucial groundwork for taking any further steps in the future, in order to improve their living conditions and protect their right to be children.
Overall, we may the project’s evaluation was positive on all aspects and proved the added value of having constant presence at a central spot in the city centre, complementing the social work done whilst patrolling the streets..

As a result, we decided to prolong this presence at the “SynAthina” venue once a week, on Wednesdays, during the months of June and July.

The teams of experts can perform the necessary follow ups on all documented cases, create referrals from the Streets to the respective structures (shelters, medical centres, etc) as well as furnish legal and/or employment counseling/advisory .

Katerina Velliou
Senior Office Administrator
Attorney-at Law

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