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Emfasis Spring Campaign

Days go by at a slow pace for those whose only choice seems to be living on the streets!

Nevertheless, for us at Emfasis there is a constant race against the clock, as the people are many, their needs are urgent and as each day progresses, yet another opportunity lies ahead to support someone in making a step forward towards a better life.

So, here we are! Spring is at our doorstep and Easter is fast approaching.

5The solemn atmosphere of these days intensifies the psychological burden of our fellow human beings. These include the homeless, the unemployed, those experiencing financial burden, and individuals without medical insurance nor a basic health-care support system.

EMFASIS Foundation, committed to its mission to support these people on a daily basis and aiming to help them take the first step to rebuild their dignity, is about to launch «Emfasis Spring Campaign» as of April 15th.

From 15th to 23rd of April, 2014, our Social Street Workers will be based at SynAthina(Athens municipality venue), situated opposite Varvakeios central market, where we will provide:

– Hot Breakfast

– The new information booklet/map prepared by EMFASIS, citing all existing social structures (hostels, hot meals & soup kitchens, social pharmacies, day care centers etc). Depending on the individual needs of the people we meet, we will co-ordinate their referral to any of these structures if and when required.

– Psychological counseling and guidance, offering personalised sessions by our social scientists (psychologists, sociologists, social workers), available throughout the campaign.

– Free clothing and personal hygiene items for families and young children considered as “homeless” or in a “street situation”.

– Provide assistance to those in need to reissuing their National ID card (homeless and other financially vulnerable), covering the administrative cost of about 20€, so that they can claim any benefit they are entitled to: unemployment support, welfare, etc.

– Distribution of supermarket gift-vouchers worth 10€ and 20€ for basic food items (at discretion)

4Our ultimate goal is to build a lasting relationship that will enhance the continuous and uninterrupted contact with these people, so that they feel that Emfasis stands by their side and supports them through the tough times.

EMFASIS solely depends on donations from individuals, friends and supporters of the organisation. We seek the support of everyone in our Family of Friends and Supporters to make this a sustainable and successful campaign.

Please join us on this journey. Visit www.emfasisfoundation.org for details and ways to help in kind or financially through bank transfer or PAYPAL.

All proceeds will go towards the project without any administrative charges except bank, credit card and paypal fees.

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