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EMFASIS is glad to announce the beginning of the collaboration, since April 2016, with the Consortium for Street Children Network (CSC), which is the leading international advocacy network for children in street condition rights. This acceptance came as a result of the collaboration between Emfasis, Praksis Athens and Thessaloniki, as well with ARSIS Thessaloniki, on a travelogue close to the Greek borders, escorted by a CSC representative, during his first official visit in Greece.

ë£sú£ñª 6 - £Ña½£¿áípCSC is a worldwide network that currently counts more than 80 members, small NGOs, individuals but also bigger international Organizations, with sole purpose to raise street children’s voices, to promote their rights and improve their living conditions. The network’s project focuses on the protection of these children’s rights, through the deployment of a united global policy, the constant research and the network development with practitioners, investigators and decision makers.

Being part of the CSC, means that EMFASIS reserves opportunities to input into and benefit from CSC’s Advocacy initiatives and holds the right to participate in United Nation’s public consultations regarding the street children. Moreover, we have the chance to play an active role in global actions and campaigns during the International Day for Street Children, launched by CSC, which takes place every year on April, in order to inform the public on this subject.

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Especially significant is the fact that EMFASIS gained access to members-only Shared Learning and Research Hubs, that are password protected portals which enable organizations across the globe to share information, discuss key issues, peer review documents, start up new research and collaborate on shared areas of work.
The achievement of this collaboration makes us really proud, not only because EMFASIS is the only Greek member, but mainly due to the opportunity we obtained to share and practice the appropriate methods and policies to protect and promote street children’s rights in our country.

At last, we thank very much the CSC network for our selection and we commit to the best possible collaboration. For more information regarding the Consortium for Street Children Network, visit the following website: http://streetchildren.org/

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