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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Merry STREETmas II - Χριστούγεννα στο Δρόμο - EXT

    MerrySTREETmas II – Christmas on the Street

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    For the second year in a row, Christmas will find Emfasis on the streets, as part of our Merry STREETmas II – Christmas on the Street winter activities. From December 14th, 2015 to January 31st 2016, enhanced shifts of Emfasis will be in the most inaccessible neighborhoods of Athens and Piraeus on a daily basis. […]

  • Emfasis on Regeneration - EXT

    Emfasis on Regeneration

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    For the second consecutive year, Emfasis partnered with the innovative ReGeneration internship programme, in order to raise awareness around the social phenomena of homelessness. As part of the programme’s community outreach, 20 interns volunteered to spend their personal time to Emfasis and contributed actively towards the implementation of our Support and Awareness activities. The volunteer […]

  • ΕΜΦΑΣΙΣ στον Άνθρωπο με 1 SMS - ΕΧΤ

    EMFASIS on the People with an SMS

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    Emfasis activated the “PROSFERO” service in cooperation with VODAFONE, COSMOTE and WIND. The proceeds were donated to Emfasis, specifically for the critical equipment of our Mobile Support Unit. Thanks to everyone’s contribution, there will be additional provisions and survival items , in view of the upcoming winter and the extreme weather conditions to be faced […]

  • Η Ελληνική Ομογένεια των Η.Α.Ε. στο πλευρό της Emfasis - EXT

    The Greek Diaspora of the U.A.E. is on Emfasis’ side…

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    EMFASIS is the birth child of a team of Greek citizens living overseas, who wished to provide their own answers and solutions to the dire socio-economic crisis in Greece. They tirelessly pand constantly seek for new and creative ways to support their country. The results of their efforts are two major events held in Dubai […]

  • Οι Προσπάθειές μας Συνεχίζονται και Εκτός Συνόρων - EXT

    We Continue Our Efforts and Outside Our Borders!

    Posted on 8 December 2015

      EMFASIS continues with three social benefit programs, aimed at improving the living conditions of people who find themselves in transit or on a street situation (as they are called) 1. Mobile Support Units 2. Social Support Corner 3. Temporary Housing for Homeless Youth Apart from the private organizations and individuals that are on our […]

  • Το Πρόγραμμα Αναδοχής της Emfasis Συνεχίζεται - EXT

    Emfasis’ Adoption Program continued…

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    The innovative Adopt an Emfasis Volunteer program, the first of its kind in Greece, is back! Volunteer profiles from both our Fundraising & Communications team, as well as our Street Work team, will soon be available, for adoptions lasting from 6 to 12 months, within the period of December 2015 – December 2016. The social […]

  • Με Όχημα την Αλληλεγγύη - EXT

    Our “Solidarity” VEHICLE

    Posted on 8 December 2015

      The daily needs of modern society, transform incessantly and rapidly. The reality we live in, presents us with the constant challenge of ways to act efficiently when providing help. As street workers we spend long hours on the field, observing, listening, exploring ways to enrich our activities to ultimately increase our efficacy. As a […]

  • Δεν Προσπερνώ - Τρέχω γι' αυτούς - EXT

    We don’t pass them by… We run for them!

    Posted on 8 December 2015

    The 33rd Athens Authentic Marathon is now behind us, but the memories are still vibrantly alive. Following our triumphant participation in this year’s Athens Half Marathon, Emfasis ran for the homeless of Athens in the Marathon Race and the 10km Road Race, alongside 43,000 participants. The highlights of the day were the participation of our […]

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