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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • photo Emfasis Spring Campaign cover

    Emfasis Spring Campaign

    Posted on 8 April 2014

    Days go by at a slow pace for those whose only choice seems to be living on the streets! Nevertheless, for us at Emfasis there is a constant race against the clock, as the people are many, their needs are urgent and as each day progresses, yet another opportunity lies ahead to support someone in […]

  • photo football cover

    Football filled with Hope from the Greeks in the UAE with Emfasis Foundation

    Posted on 8 April 2014

    On March 28th, under the bright and shining sun over the blue skies of Dubai,  a large group of Greek Nationals came together to attend the 1st ever mini Greek Football Tournament in the UAE, sending their thoughts and solidarity to their co-patriots back home, who are still amidst one of the deepest socio-economic crisis in […]

  • photo Stories from the street

    The Εmfasis Stories from the Streets

    Posted on 8 April 2014

    “This could never happen to me, this is something that happens to the others…” How many times haven’t we heard, said or thought something similar? But, who are these “others” that we refer to? How different was the course of their life compared to someone’s from your close social circle? CK… is a Greek national […]

  • photo INTERVEW 1

    Interview with a Volunteer living overseas – Madlen Fontrie

    Posted on 8 April 2014

    1. What does volunteer work mean to you and how did you decide to become a volunteer for EMFASIS? Volunteer work has had deep roots through the years, but unfortunately it has not enjoyed the appreciation it deserves. The most significant notion of social work, is to selflessly offer service or donate in kind, aiming […]

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