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Emfasis Foundation trying to support its volunteers psychologists, social workers and sociologists to continue their work on the street, standing by our socially vulnerable fellow citizens, launched a new project called “Adopt a volunteer Social Street Worker”. Individuals or companies can now help and support a volunteer Social Street Worker through a monthly financial contribution for 3 or 6 months. The adoption may be as follows:

  • 10 euros per month, covering one daily social street work shift & assistance of a Social Street Worker
  • 50 euros per month, covering the support material for people on the street for one month (basic food and clothing items, printed maps, etc.)
  • 100 euros per month, covering transportation expenses for a volunteer and material support for the people we help on the street for one month
  • 300 Euro per month, covering the volunteer’s transportation costs, the support material for people living on the street, intensive street work training in Greece and abroad, as well as volunteer office work working out solutions for each individual case, for one month.

For all contributions, donors/sponsors will receive an official receipt issued by Emfasis. At the end of the adoption period, we will be providing a detailed report for the work of the Social Street Worker, as well as the official Adoption certificate of Adoption. Some of our volunteer social street workers, who can be sponsored through this programme are:

  • Emilia, volunteer psychologist, who specializes in working and unaccompanied children who work on the streets. She mentions:  “In order to build a relationship while approaching a person in need on the street there is the prerequisite of acceptance: acceptance from the person in need towards you; your acceptance on the other hand is a given, from the very first time you decide to go out in the street.”
  • Ioanna, volunteer social worker, describes as follows:  “While working in Emfasis I realized that for people experiencing difficult circumstances, the greatest need is primarily companionship, the presence of a person who will listen and accept them without expressing any judgment.”
  • Marilou, volunteer Sociologist, explains:  “At the end of the day, the greatest satisfaction and reward is the real smile and the look of a person who found in our team the hope and the strength to stand on his own feet and change his life
  • Martha, volunteer Psychologist comments: ” I’m amazed at how eager and ready are usually the people that we approach, to trust us and to recount the events of their lives and their feelings.”

The program began on October 1, 2014 and was originally scheduled to last 6 months. However, after the overwhelming response we received from our supporters, the program will be extended to nine months, until 30 June 2015.It is very important for us to recognize the work of our volunteers, who share our vision for a world with equal opportunities for ALL! We invite you to embark on the Emfasis journey and support the hard work of our volunteers! Katerina Velliou Attorney at Law tritsi-22

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