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Emfasis Social Support Corner is hosted by SynAthina every Wednesday since February 2015. Emfasis’ team consisting of social workers, sociologists and psychologists provide with necessary support services homeless and families below the poverty line. Read the experience of Emfasis volunteers working at the Social Support Corner.

Social Support Corner 2Zografia Kazia, Social Worker

“Every Wednesday afternoon, we welcome people who are in need at SynAthina.  Through Emfasis Social Support Corner we provide psychosocial support services, employment counseling, free medical examinations and information about free entertainment. Also, once a month we offer food, clothes and household items to single individuals, couples or families who benefit of our services and live below the poverty line.

As a member of the Social Support Corner, I often see what a great power a man hides inside. Despite the difficulties that these people face, there is no greater joy than watching their look of desperation and frustration, gradually convert to a look of hope and optimism.”

Panayiota Tsaroucha, Social Worker 

“Being a social worker for the Social Support Corner, I provide guidance and support to the people who come to us. Concerning the goods’ providing program that takes place at the end of each month, we first have a group discussion amongst the team of SSC regarding the people who meet the criteria to benefit from this program and the products that truly need.  In Emfasis, everything happens based on the person in need, each case is for us unique.

My role is to ensure that the goods are available and transferred to the venue in a timely manner on the day that as per the schedule they need to be distributed.”

Social Support CornerDimitra Vargiakaki, Career Counselor

“Working as a volunteer in Emfasis helps me evolve not only as a human but also as an active citizen by contributing to eliminating social exclusion. The experience that I gain through offering career counseling sessions and through participating in the Social Support Corner program is for me a lesson of humanity, offering and solidarity. One smile, the expression of relief and the active mobilization of the people we assist, as they fight to exit from the adverse situation they find themselves in, are for us, the team of SynAthina, a moral reward beyond words. After all, this is what we strive for:  to give emfasis on the dignity of human life.”

Konstantina Papachristou, Social Worker

“The experience of volunteerism is for me a personal battle, which evolves to a group battle for equality and solidarity amongst people. Through my voluntary work, values such as social justice, humanity, selfless offering and empathy to human pain are being triggered. We try to soften the pain, to put limits to their agony and desperation, to motivate them and turn their anxiety in a creative power. In return, we hope to see signs of relief on their face along with a smile.

As a member of the team of SynAthina/Social Support Corner I offer counseling and psychosocial support and rehabilitation. Every last Wednesday of the month I assist with the inventory of goods list contributing to the smooth implementation of the programme.”

Ioanna Panagopoulou, Social Worker

“My contribution to this project consists of receiving people who come to us, creating an individual social profile, passing information on social benefits, refer to other relevant social services, both private and state when necessary. I also offer counseling support and create a personalized plan for social reintegration. Together with the rest of the SSC team we look after the coordination of the support with goods. A significant element of the overall relationship is the monitoring of the scheduled meetings with the members of our team.

My aim is to approach each person with dignity and respect through safeguarding his rights and humanity. With professionalism and discretion I aspire to give them hope for a better future.”

Social Support Corner Team

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