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Winter is approaching and thousands of fellow citizens without shelter are left helpless to cope with extreme weather conditions whilst they should be enjoying the warmth of family and a home.

To this aim, Emfasis’ volunteers defying cold weather and tiredness, from 15 December 2014 to 9 January 2015 will stand by the side of all these who live on the streets of Athens, offering a human touch, dignity and relief…

Our action consists of two parts: 1) Offer basic food supplies and “survival” items to the vulnerable 2) raise awareness on the situation as well as provide information on how to be part of the solution.

Through the Emfasis’ van we will gain access to the homeless and marginalised and become a meeting point offering warm tea, food and clothing.

Η Χειμωνιάτικη Δράση της Emfasis ξεκινάει...1

In collaboration with RSF Hellas – volunteering team of Communications and Rescue – we will be also providing first aid in cases of medical emergencies. We will also distribute the necessary survival kit, including sleeping bag, gloves, hat, raining coat, personal hygienic towels and a printed map with crucial information about day care centres and homeless shelters, whilst our psychologists and specialists will be providing psychological support, legal and job searching advisory.

Special social street work morning shifts will cater for unescorted/working children during the same period, 15/12 – 9/1. Located at central spots within the capital, and in addition to the necessary food and clothing, we will be offering some careless moments of joy and happiness for these children who have missed out on their childhood in the process.

We will give away educational gifts and toys as well as drawings. Let this be an escape from the harsh reality and feel the festive spirit and the human warmth as all children in the world should.

All along this period, in Syntagma square, a team of Emfasis’ volunteers will be spreading awareness around the gravity of the situation for all of the people who live on the streets, suggesting ways that everyone may get involved to provide solutions.

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Having always in mind that any of us could be in this position at any given moment in time, we continue our effort for a BETTER FUTURE, incessantly! Stay on board; we could never do it without you!

Katerina Velliou Attorney at Law

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