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No one can deny the fact that physical appearance plays an important role not only in job seeking but also in one’s acceptance from others. This is a sad reality that may hamper those people’s efforts, previously associated with the use of prohibited substances carrying the signs of their past still visible in their appearance, to receive equal acceptance in every aspect of their daily life.

There are many projects and campaigns aiming to strengthen those people’s self-esteem and self-confidence through psychological support and counseling. Emfasis has decided to take a step forward and intervene there where no one has ever done before: in the immediate restoration of one’s physical appearance, more precisely his oral hygiene, by meeting his need for cosmetic dentistry.

After researching thoroughly the needs of former prohibited substances users, we took the decision to design an innovative and pioneering programme, with the highly symbolic name «Changing the Past – Dental Restoration».

Fortunate enough to enjoy support by an Expat Greek who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates, he funded all of the expenses of the dental work, which was required for the restoration of programme participants’ oral hygiene.

In collaboration with a dentist who gladly undertook all the necessary procedures at a very low cost, as well as with the organisations “18ano”, “O.KA.NA.” and “Shedia” which helped us through recommending some of the most promising participants of their “social re–integration programmes, we achieved to fulfill our vision!

Our psychologists and sociologists after completing personal interviews with each and every candidate, who were at the final stage of their Social Integration Programme, selected the final five.

Two months later the five participants have completed their dental restoration and they are now able to smile with confidence and hope for a better tomorrow. We are currently in the 2nd phase of the 1st round of our programme, where we monitor their progress and positive impact on their life’s evolution. Our help to those people has not yet finished, we stand by them, supporting their efforts at every step they take in order to improve the quality of their life.

We never rest! We have already started planning the implementation of the 2nd round of our programme, with more people ready to enroll. Our purpose is to provide as many socially vulnerable people as possible with hope and healthy smiles!

Katerina Velliou
Attorney at Law

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